It's the most stressful time of the year: Finals Week.

Upon hearing those two words, one immediately wants to curl up and cry for three days (guilty). There is good news though! I've outlined some tricks for staying on top of finals week and not letting it get the best of you!

Make a Study Schedule

I cannot stress this enough! This should be the first thing you do, regardless if it's two days before your finals week or a month. Map out the content that each exam will cover and put it into a table where you can quickly glance at it and see your progress.

Check your syllabus to determine if your final is cumulative or not and then write down every chapter/topic/section your teacher has covered or expected you to read over. I normally break it up by chapters. Start tackling reviewing each section and then check it off once you feel you covered it. With the classes I didn't bother opening the textbook for (oops!), I'll outline the chapters. But for math, I'll skip the chapters I understand and focus more on practicing the sections I'm not so comfortable with!

Before Finals Week...

Make sure you have study materials before the week of your final(s). Outline those chapters, make flashcards, or complete review packets so you can gauge how much you know before it gets to be crunch time. I like to divide up how much I will study for each subject. For example, I'm spending 40% of my time studying for Calculus and only 5% studying for Wildlife Issues. It just depends on the difficulty and amount of material has been covered in your courses.

Make the Most of Your Study Time

Now I can't speak for everyone, but I do my best studying in the library. Some people prefer to study in their dorm/apartment or at a common space like a coffee shop or class building. But I am most productive in the library because I feel like I have to hold a sense of accountability surrounded by a bunch of other people who are working (or procrastinating you can never really tell). 

Bring a friend or go alone?

This is really up to you. I kinda do both, but I prefer to go with one other person. I typically will spend most of my weekends in the library with my roommate and it works out perfectly. We kinda keep each other accountable. If I see her opening up Netflix while we're in the library, I kinda give her a look and she does the same when I open up tumblr or Pinterest. 

It can be distracting though! If you feel like taking someone else will keep you off task, study alone! You'll have an easier time finding a seat in the library if you do (trust me). 

One hour of productivity, 15 minute break

This is the system I use when I'm in the library. I'll do work for one solid hour and then reward myself with 15 minutes of free time. I'll put my phone on do not disturb and set it in my bag and go to work. There are a couple of apps out there that can block social media sites for a certain amount of time, but I don't use any just because I don't really get that sidetracked. 

As for my fifteen minute break, I'll normally go on social media sites, but I recently got a couple of coloring books, which I actually prefer. It can get aggravating staring at a computer screen for hours, so I really like coloring because it relaxes me but also makes me feel like I'm doing something productive when I'm really not. I have two coloring books: one is Bible verses that I got for Easter and I also have one called "Secret New York" which is super cute and trendy. I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens and colored pencils.

What to Bring

Remembering everything to bring to the library is daunting. I typically write on a sticky note everything I want to accomplish while I'm in the library and then translate that into what books, notebooks, and materials to bring along with me.

Don't forget chargers, your laptop, headphones, and snacks! I normally get Starbucks while I'm in the library but I bring along a water bottle to fill up when I'm done with my coffee. As for snacks, I bring something salty, candy, and then granola bars. It's really up to you.

Oh and don't forget to dress for success. And by this I mean throw on those oversized t-shirts, norts, and bring a sweatshirt because 9 times out of 10, the library will feel like an icebox!

The Day Before

Your final is tomorrow and you still feel underprepared. I suggest solely studying for the exams you have the next day and then tackle the other material after each exam is over. Make sure you don't stay up all night cramming for this exam and get plenty of sleep. I'll try to get 6-8 hours before an exam and take about an hour nap after my exam to give my brain a rest!

Good luck and ace those finals! You got this!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Monogram Necklace: PB Teen | Wedges: Steve Madden (similar) | Watch: Tory Burch

Looking over my pictures from Easter Sunday, and I'm still obsessed with my new Lilly! Especially this new spring print (all of my favorite animals are featured!) Hope everyone had a great Easter!