I am so excited to be giving away not one, but THREE Day Designer Academic Year Daily Planners. I've already started using mine so much and it's honestly the best planner I've ever had!

You could win...

I love the flexibility of how you can use the Daily Planner! See how I organize my planner here. This planner has so many features including:

  • Academic planner is dated July 2018 through June 2019
  • Added June 2018 daily planning pages for a total of 13 months of daily planning
  • Signature Today & To-Do page format combines your daily schedule and to-do list on one page
  • Includes two FREE gold foil sticker sheets and a bookmark ruler

It's hardcover and is durable no matter how busy you are! If you'd like to enter to win one of these planners, check out my giveaway on my Instagram.

This has been a highly requested blog post! This is actually my first time using a Day Designer and I am so so excited to get my life even more organized! I'm still learning the best ways to get the most out of my new planner, but this should help if you are new to Day Designer. 

Monthly View

What I really like about Day Designer is their clean layout. It feels so refreshing to start planning on a "clean slate." I use the monthly view to map out big events, birthdays, bills, exams (when I figure out when those are!!!) I find that the Day Designer squares hold a lot of information for even the busiest of months!

Daily Pages

Something that I'm not familiar with is having an entire page dedicated to a day. But I've found that I really like it!!! In the past, my planners have only featured weekly pages to plan my days. With the daily page, it makes it really easy to schedule and get a glimpse what times you're free. I sometimes find myself wanted to agree to an event, but then realize that I have something going on at that time! This feels like a tangible Google calendar (if you are familiar with those) and you can prepare for busy or free days. 

The to-do list on the side is so so helpful for jotting down to-dos and not getting swamped with sticky notes (#guilty). I also am such a fan of the helpful tabs up top like dinner and due dates. I will use these A LOT during the school year. 

A fun thing about the Saturday/Sunday page is this at a glance of the next week. I plan the Sunday the week before and fill this in so when I sit down to plan my next week, I already have a pretty good reference of how busy I'll be. It also is fun to use if you have something exciting coming up to look forward to.

Front Page

Other than writing your contact info in case you lose you planner, I like to use the first blank page to attach my color code for the planner. I have a different color for each of my classes that translates into my schedule and to-do's. I also put down dates that occur every month (like bills) so when I'm planning for the next month, which is something I do the last week of the month before, I can put those down first!

Ideal Schedule

This is my favorite part I think!!!! You can literally map out your perfect week which is helpful when you are taking classes, have clubs, work, etc. It keeps you organized and gives you a general idea of what to expect week to week. While no two weeks are the same, it's a helpful reminder!

Let me know what you think! If you are new to the Day Designer game, was this helpful? Also let me know which planner design you got/plan on getting! If you are a Day Designer pro, share your tips below! I would love to know how you utilize your planner.

If you are wanting to purchase a Day Designer, use my link! I would love to know if I helped on your planner journey LOL

Happy Planning!

I saw "Solo: A Star Wars Story" yesterday and let me just say...


I was a little hesitant about the choice in casting for Han Solo, but Alden literally was born to play this part. The movie is super easy to follow along, even if you aren't a Star Wars fan!!!!

So what I'm saying is: you should go see this movie.

My mom and I both agreed it was one of the best Star Wars films we've seen. It had the appeal of the original Star Wars storyline with new characters and amazing effects that the OG films lacked. But the only thing I loved more than Alden Ehrenreich was the style of the movie. 

It was super retro and had some great fashion, @Lando's impressive collection of capes. This has got me in the mood to go all out in Solo inspired looks. Catch me wearing my flared jeans for the next month.

If you are looking to amp up your closet after seeing the movie, I've added some items that are inspired by the retro feel of this movie!

From watching the movie, I chose very 70s inspired pieces. What really stuck out to me compared to the other Star Wars films is the amount of color in their fashion choices. Most of the time, Star Wars characters are in earthy tones and wear a lot of layers. Lando probably had the most fun outfits, but other characters kept true to the retro look! 

I'm probably going to making a trip to Forever 21 to snag all the rainbow striped things. 

Did you see Solo? Let me know what you think about the movie and these items in the comments below! Also, let me know if you like these style of posts!!!!

This has been a requested post for a while now! It's been almost 3 years since I first moved into my freshman dorm. While many things have changed since then (my hair and my fashion sense), I still use almost everything that was in my first dorm room.

I've lived in my sorority house for the past two years and will be living there again for my senior year! Some things I've decided to leave behind (my huge TV that took up half of my dorm) and some things I've decided to add (all the Phi Mu things!!!). Freshman year dorms require a lot of stuff. I remember how nervous I was that I'd forget things when I moved out. The list I came up with are the ESSENTIALS plus a bonus list of things I had, but definitely didn't really need. 

Last year's move in day!!


  • Comforter (opt for one or two sizes up, it’ll hang over the edges and hide what’s under your bed!!!) 
  • Fitted Sheet (optional: extra fitted sheet in case you need to change your sheets and you don’t do laundry as quickly as your mom does) 
  • Foam Egg Crate Topper 
  • Pillows 
  • Pillow Cases 
  • Lamp 
  • Hamper 
  • Shower Caddy 
  • Robe/Towel Wrap Towels + hand towels (I recommend 3) 
  • Storage Containers 
  • Hangers 
  • Surge Protector 
  • Calendar 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Swiffer 
  • Small Vacuum 
  • Command Strips


  • Rug 
  • Throw Pillows 
  • Throw Blanket 
  • Keurig 
  • Shoe Organizer 
  • Hanging Mirror 
  • Vanity Mirror 
  • Jewelry Organizer 
  • Picture Frames 
  • Printer Tapestry/Monogram 
  • Lapdesk 
  • Blow Dryer 
  • Bulletin Board 
  • Record Player 
  • Christmas/Hanging Lights
  • Headboard
Great places to shop include: Target, IKEA, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Etsy, Michaels, and Amazon!

Let me know if any of you past dorm residents have anything to add to the list! If you are headed to college soon, tell me where you are headed! Oh, and go Gators!!!

Wearing: Free People Set (similar), Steve Madden Sandals (similar), Preppy Park Ears, Herschel Fanny Pack, Necklace (bought from a friend!), Sunglasses, Apple Watch

Just got back from the best weekend at Disney! So the rain didn't stay away (peep my hair) and the humidity was high, but that didn't stop me and Shelby from enjoying the weekend!

We got to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Epcot on Saturday! Shelby even let me *borrow* her Free People set that gave me all the fiesta vibes! We got the Rose Margarita, which is the best margarita I have ever had! 

We got to hang out in the Mexico pavilion for a couple of hours and even met Donald (which was definitely worth the 15 minute wait.) Surprisingly, Epcot wasn't too busy so we were able to snap a few pics around Mexico. Shelbs and I didn't catch the derby, but we were a little preoccupied hiding out in gift shops while Florida decided to monsoon (lol.)

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo? Let me know in the comments below!

I literally could not be happier that this school year is over. Not that I don’t love going to UF or that junior year was the worst (looking @ you, sophomore year), I just need a break. This year has been full of ups and downs and cry sessions and way too many trips to Starbucks and I even changed my Instagram theme three times, so yeah...

Junior year has been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.

Friendships have expiration dates 

I know, I know. It’s kind of a sad thing to think about, but friendships do end. And sometimes it’s for the better. I went into this year with friendships that I didn’t make it out of junior year with..


Honestly, I was in friendships that were negatively affecting me. I didn’t realize it until drama crept in and resulted in less than happy outcomes.

Remember ladies, boys come and go, so don’t throw away a friendship over a boy!!! I’ve learned that you have to surround yourself with people that support you and positively impact your life. Like my mama always said, “unhappy people want to make everyone around them unhappy.”
So, I had to look at my friendships and see if I was happy in them. And it sucked to have to admit to myself that I was being negatively impacted by people I had been so close with. I had shared things with these people that they could use against me.
But I had to walk away from those toxic friendships. It’s not easy, but I’m a lot better off for it.

These are my people!!!

Stop putting emphasis on people 

My mama also taught me that you cannot find happiness or fulfillment in a person. Whether that’s a boyfriend or a friendship...people will always disappoint, whether they mean to or not. We are not perfect and we shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on people. Jesus is the only one that can fulfill our lives and give us purpose. To try to put that on a particular person is unfair and will lead to disappoint, or even resentment.

I learned this not only in my friendships, but also in my almost relationships. A guy is not going to complete me, no matter how many cheesy rom-coms I watch. I have to find that kind of fulfillment in my relationship with Christ. So while I did not find a boyfriend this school year, I am happy about it. I’ve got to work on myself and develop a strong foundation with the Lord before He lets a wonderful, Jesus-loving, selfless boy into my life.

Doors close for a reason 

Aside from friendships ending or the lack of relationships in my life, junior year was a year of closed doors. Last year I battled changing my major and completely reworking my college career. This year I applied, interviewed, and ran for positions that didn’t happen. The biggest being in my sorority.
If you didn’t know, I served on my sorority’s executive committee last year. I thought the Lord was calling me to serve in a much larger capacity. So I ran for president.

Currently, I am not Phi Mu’s president, so you can guess how that turned out.
I went from waking up to 25+ emails in my exec inbox to not being a part of Phi Mu’s exec in a day. Yeah it sucked for a couple days. I felt like a failure. I felt like the Lord had led me to something that I wasn’t supposed to go for. But I’m glad I did.

I’ll never wonder what would have happened if I didn’t run. That closed door wasn’t the best at the time. Trust me, I had a lot of resentment for Phi Mu at that time, but it turned out to be such a big blessing. Because Phi Mu was finally not my job anymore, I could enjoy it in the capacity it was meant to be enjoyed in. I got to join other clubs with my free time.

One club actually led me to my current internship. If I had won the presidency, I wouldn’t have joined this particular club, and I wouldn’t have heard my current boss speak at a meeting. That closed door allowed me to walk towards an open one. One that I am so so very grateful for. This internship has been such a bright spot in my life and I honestly love going to work. I get to spend my summer continuing this internship and I couldn’t imagine spending 20 hours a week anywhere else. That resentment turned into thankfulness. I love Phi Mu, but I love it even more now that I don’t have to treat it like a job and I can enjoy my actual job.

So yeah. 

Junior year has been a complete whirlwind and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. I have one year left, but I’m ready to close this chapter of my life and gear up for the wonderful future I know the Lord has in store for me.

ALSO: I’ve created a editorial calendar for myself so that I can actually be a decent blogger!!!! Let me know how your school year went in the comments below!

Oh, and if you want to see anything on the blog, please let me know! I’m hoping for 1-2 posts a week this summer now that I time to devote to blogging!!!