This has been a highly requested blog post! This is actually my first time using a Day Designer and I am so so excited to get my life even more organized! I'm still learning the best ways to get the most out of my new planner, but this should help if you are new to Day Designer. 

Monthly View

What I really like about Day Designer is their clean layout. It feels so refreshing to start planning on a "clean slate." I use the monthly view to map out big events, birthdays, bills, exams (when I figure out when those are!!!) I find that the Day Designer squares hold a lot of information for even the busiest of months!

Daily Pages

Something that I'm not familiar with is having an entire page dedicated to a day. But I've found that I really like it!!! In the past, my planners have only featured weekly pages to plan my days. With the daily page, it makes it really easy to schedule and get a glimpse what times you're free. I sometimes find myself wanted to agree to an event, but then realize that I have something going on at that time! This feels like a tangible Google calendar (if you are familiar with those) and you can prepare for busy or free days. 

The to-do list on the side is so so helpful for jotting down to-dos and not getting swamped with sticky notes (#guilty). I also am such a fan of the helpful tabs up top like dinner and due dates. I will use these A LOT during the school year. 

A fun thing about the Saturday/Sunday page is this at a glance of the next week. I plan the Sunday the week before and fill this in so when I sit down to plan my next week, I already have a pretty good reference of how busy I'll be. It also is fun to use if you have something exciting coming up to look forward to.

Front Page

Other than writing your contact info in case you lose you planner, I like to use the first blank page to attach my color code for the planner. I have a different color for each of my classes that translates into my schedule and to-do's. I also put down dates that occur every month (like bills) so when I'm planning for the next month, which is something I do the last week of the month before, I can put those down first!

Ideal Schedule

This is my favorite part I think!!!! You can literally map out your perfect week which is helpful when you are taking classes, have clubs, work, etc. It keeps you organized and gives you a general idea of what to expect week to week. While no two weeks are the same, it's a helpful reminder!

Let me know what you think! If you are new to the Day Designer game, was this helpful? Also let me know which planner design you got/plan on getting! If you are a Day Designer pro, share your tips below! I would love to know how you utilize your planner.

If you are wanting to purchase a Day Designer, use my link! I would love to know if I helped on your planner journey LOL

Happy Planning!