Sunday, July 24, 2016

Shop Spotlight: 402ink

If you are in a sorority, you know that t-shirts are one of the best parts of being a chapter. When I found 402ink, I was so excited to find a company that offers the CUTEST greek apparel! I spent a good hour looking through their designs

402ink offers these adorable Shell Bottles for purchase, which is a go to if you are a college student. I love how mine fits so easily in my backpack for when I go to class or walk across campus (in the Florida heat might I add). These bottles can have a custom design if 72 or more are purchased and even better, if your chapter orders at least 24 tees or other apparel, you receive free shipping, 10% off, and a free bottle!

If you're interested in working with 402ink and getting adorable apparel for your chapter, you can shoot them an email and get started on a custom order! In the meantime, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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